Spooke Eye - Image Popup

spooke eye

The Artee Theme homepage can 'automagically' add image popup functionality. It is possible to sort out articles and you can preview only images by clicking on one of the magnifier icons.

You can also use image popups in any other views like page view or post view page. For that You should use html block with necessary classes. More below and in the Artee Theme documentation files.


Just add a standard Markdown image at the top of the current page. It will show on the front page and will have popup attached to it. So:

![spooke eye](/content/images/2014/Mar/Oko1-1.jpg)

But if you want to use Magnific Popup plugin in the post view page you should use some html blocks:

<a href="/content/images/2014/Mar/Oko1-1.jpg" class="artee-image-popup">Give me that spooke image!</a>

Give me that spooke image!